1. A: The Amazon version is for families that have Android devices only. The iPhone App Store version is for parents with an iPhone that want to control their child’s Android device.
  2. A: No, the current iPhone version is for parents with an iPhone who want to control their child’s Android phone.
  3. A: Currently there is not but the company continues to work on a family iPhone version. With the latest rejection by the store the company is having to redesign the app.
  4. A: No, the app with will not work with that combination of phones.
  5. A: Purchasing this Parent Device app for $5.99 allows multiple parents to share the license via Apple Family Sharing. For more information please visit: http://www.apple.com/ios/whats-new/family-sharing/
  6. A: To download Ignore No More! for your Android device visit: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MX1WLGA. You will have to pay $5.99 once for the child Android version. To download the app on to another Android child device simply sign in to Amazon apps with the same account information that you originally used to purchase the app and re-download on other child devices.
  7. A: Don’t worry, we got you covered. As soon your child attempts to deactivate the admin role for the app their phone will immediately lock and the parent will receive an email message stating: WARNING CHILD TAMPERING WITH IGNORE NO MORE!
  8. A: The temporary password feature does not work when this event occurs. Therefore, a parent must press the “Unlock phone” feature for that child but, with CAUTION!! We strongly recommend you only unlock the phone once you are physically in possession of the child’s device! Once unlocked, select “Cancel” to the pop-up request to “Disable Device Admin”. By selecting cancel, the Ignore No More! app is protected and you can continue normal use.
  9. A: I know, I know let me guess the child said, “It was an accident”. First you need to check to see if Ignore No More! is still on their phone. If it is then that’s great news. All you have to do is select the device’s Settings icon>Security>Device (or Phone) Administrators where you will then see an empty box beside of Ignore No More! Device Admin. Select the empty box; a pop-up will appear, select “Activate”. Ignore No More! is now restored on the child’s phone. On the other hand, if the child deleted the app entirely from their phone you will need to download again from the app store.
  10. A: If you forget your username or password to the parent account, simply click "forgot your username/password" from the login screen of Ignore No More! and follow the on-screen steps. The information will be sent to the email account you originally provided when you set up the Ignore No More! account.
  11. A: Nice try on their part. The second their phone turns back on and connects to the internet or nearest cell tower, Ignore No More! will lock their phone until it receives the unlock password or command from the parent device. Don’t you just love Ignore No More!
  12. A: Purchase a new version of the app from the Store; install the app and set-up as a child phone using your existing parent account.
  13. A: You will need to purchase a new copy of the Ignore No More! app for your new phone and then register it as a parent device using your previously created account information.
  14. A: The Ignore No More! app is linked to your handheld device and not your phone number; therefore so long as you kept the same device, changing your phone number will have no effect. If you did change your number though, ensure it is updated in the emergency contacts of the child’s device.
  15. A: If you are an all Android family you only have to pay for the app once in the Amazon store. If you are a family with mixed devices, iPhone parent who wants to control Android child device, you will have to purchase Ignore No More! from iTunes and then from Amazon. Remember though, up to six people in your family can share purchases from iTunes. To set up Family Sharing you should visit https://www.apple.com/icloud/family-sharing/.
  16. A: With device in hand you can “Unregister” their device from the parent account by going through the settings icon inside the Ignore No More! app and following the on-screen steps.
  17. A: While either parent can unlock the child’s phone with the Unlock feature, only the parent who set the unlock password will know the code. Let's admit it - kids are smart. If they have "ignored" 4 calls from you and 3 texts, they will quickly figure out who they need to call to get their phone unlocked.
  18. A: Yes of course. We realize you may want an aunt, uncle or brother to be a parent and…you might want a niece, nephew or cousin to be a child. We simply used the terms “parent” and “child” to describe the relationship between the devices.
  19. A: Simply download the app on the additional parent phones. Login using your account information and choose Register This Device as "Parent" when prompted and follow the on-screen steps. After installation they too will be able to control child devices with Ignore No More!.
  20. A: First, open up the Ignore No More! app on your child’s phone, go through the settings icon and follow the on-screen steps to “Unregister” the device. Then simply go through the mobile device’s standard app removal procedure to uninstall Ignore No More!.
  21. A: No, the parent username/email and password are required to unregister or uninstall the Ignore No More! app from their phone. So be very careful to protect your account information. If your child has great detective skills and discovers this information, change the password for the parent account immediately! You can do this by clicking here.
  22. A: Nope! The Ignore No More! screens and functions on the parent’s phone are completely different than those of the child’s phone.
  23. A: No, the screens and functions on the child’s phone are completely different than those of the parent’s phone.
  24. A: Open up the Ignore No More! app from the child’s phone. Then go through the settings icon and follow the on-screen steps to unregister the child from your account. Once this step is complete, hit the refresh icon from the parent device and the child will no longer be listed under the account.
  25. A: Once inside the Ignore No More! app you will need to go through the settings icon from your child’s device and follow the on-screen steps to “Unregister” the device. Then, you will need to go through the set-up steps again to “Register” the device as a “Child,” making sure to change the child’s name the way you want it to appear on the account. You will then need to hit the refresh icon from the parent device to see the name change.
  26. A: Using a device that has been registered as a “Parent," open up the Ignore No More! app. From the "My Household" screen you will see all the children that you have registered to the parent account.
  27. A: Unregister the device by going through the settings icon within the Ignore No More! app and following the on-screen steps to unregister. Then go through the registration process again for that child, this time selecting the child device option.
  28. A: The message “Activation Complete! This device is now registered” will be displayed on your child’s screen after successfully registering their device. You may need to hit the refresh icon on the parent device before their name appears on the “My Household” account.
  29. A: Simply download and install the app on the child's phone. Login to your account from the child’s phone and choose Register This Device as “Child" and follow the on-screen steps. Once completed, hit the refresh icon from the parent device’s “My Household” account. The child you just added will be listed.
  30. A: No, and you shouldn’t! By using a different "Unlock Password,” every time you lock your child's phone with Ignore No More! they will never have the current password.
  31. A: No, one of the great features of the app is that you are able to change the "Unlock Password" each time you want to lock your child’s phone with Ignore No More!.
  32. A: The password will always unlock their phone, however, there may be times when you need to unlock the child’s device without contacting them. Ignore No More! gives you a simple, one-touch “Unlock” feature for those occasions.
  33. A: From the main screen they simply type in the temporary unlock password you provided and hit enter. Don’t forget, the parent can also remotely unlock the device from the parent app.
  34. A: Yes, 911 is built into all phones and cannot be edited or removed. They can call 911 even when their phone is locked.
  35. A: You will need to go to the parent “My Household” account screen and press "Unlock Phone" for that child. You or the child must then set up the emergency contacts on the child's phone so they can call you when their phone has been locked by Ignore No More!.
  36. A: Yes, however, the child needs to understand that changing their emergency contacts may remove a person who has the password to unlock their phone from Ignore No More! mode. Once the phone is locked, the only functions the child can perform are: placing a call to someone who is on the emergency contacts list or calling 911.
  37. A: Yes, the app will lock the child’s phone, however, they will be unable to call you. That is why you MUST set up emergency contacts before locking your child’s device with Ignore No More!.
  38. A: This depends on your phone manufacturer and carrier. Click the “Getting Started" link above, select your device and follow the steps under the “Set-up Child Device” section.
  39. A: They simply press "Emergency Call" and then choose from their emergency contacts.
  40. A: Lock again using a new temporary unlock password or press the “Unlock” feature for that child’s device.
  41. A: Simply click here and follow the on-screen steps to change the password associated with the parent account. You will not be able to change the username, however, your child does not know the new password so your information is safe again.
  42. A: They can try and that would be very sneaky of them…but relax! Forgotten credentials require access to the parent’s personal email account. Remember though, children are clever so be sure to protect your email account’s username and password.
  43. A: Don’t worry their phone is unlocked. “Ignore No More!” stays visible to your child to help you. The message is a constant reminder to them to answer your calls and texts or else you will lock their phone. If you don’t want to use this feature and want the message to go away, simply open up the parent My Household page and press “Unlock Phone” for that child. Once the child refreshes their screen the message will be gone.
  44. A: You can manage as many child devices as you like from the parent account.
  45. A: There are no restrictions placed on removing the app from a parent phone, therefore simply go through the standard procedure for app removal for your mobile device.

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